Kathleen started as a "pro" photographer at age 14, a 'Girl Friday' strapped with ancient jury-rigged SLR camera, taking photos for man-on-the-street interviews in Williamsburg's dusty 'Virginia Gazette' newspaper. No one ever cashed a paycheck more proudly...four dollars a picture, for four pictures, fortnightly. (Forgive me.)

To become a great photographer, she resolved to take 10,000 pretty bad photographs. (Sorry Malcolm Gladwell, beat you to it.) She began during the early 1990's when our fashion choices were ruining 98% of our photos anyway. Constantly wearing a camera like some permanent tourist, she got jobs at high-end studios and camera shops, photo labs, learning what makes someone stop when they pass a photo. She learned to research the queries of her clients and answer her own questions about how and why photographs look the way they do.

Crop. Flare. Scene compression and what it does to the human form. The magic of aperture and it's re-creation of how your eyes isolate what you love. She entered college recording everyone around her, constantly refining her skills. Never stopped.

She lucked into Oxford.

She had an eye...and maybe more importantly, the experience to draw out even the most reluctant subjects. She genuinely liked people. The grumpier, the speedier, the frostier...the more fun the challenge. And the more under-served.....those poor bastards amongst us that have been told those cop out words.... "not photogenic" to mask the ineptitude or personal hangup of a photographer....the reward is so great for showing someone how the people they love see them...and not how they look in random snapshots and certainly not the look of a selfie at arm's length.


"During these last 20 years I've been throughly tested. I do what I love and work hard to do it well. And I'll help YOU enjoy the process! even if you've have bad experiences before. Let me put the people & work that you love in the best possible light!"

Kathleen Miller

email: kathleenandcamera@gmail.com